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Procurement & Contracting Training Suite

Landell offers a suite of training courses that can be taken individually or can be taken together based on a professional development and organisation capability needs.


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This course covers the ability to plan, justify and approve of procurement requirements to achieve the required outcome. It includes defining and justifying the need, researching potential impact and risks, and securing organisational support to proceed with procurement activity.

Procurement Event

Develop and Distribute Requests For Offers

This course covers the competencies required to develop and disseminate a request for offers to fulfil procurement requirements. It includes specifying the requirement, developing the formal request for offer documents and developing the offer evaluation plan.

Select Providers and Develop Contracts

This course covers the ability to select preferred providers as a result of a formal request for offer process. It includes evaluating offers, selecting preferred providers, obtaining approvals, developing and formalising contractual arrangements, and debriefing the market and other stakeholders.





This course covers how to manage contracts to achieve value for money. It includes undertaking preparations, establishing and maintaining contract management arrangements, monitoring and maintaining contract performance, and completing and reviewing contracts.


Need to Cover Off On Your Organisation's Specific Practice?

For Landell, it’s easy to modify our material to integrate specific policy and practice into our courses. For a small fee we’ll integrate your policy and practice into our teaching aids and materials. You get to keep the intellectual property generated from this exercise so you can reuse it across your organisation. On average we only need a day or so to adjust the content to suit your needs.


Need Some Additional Skills or Just Need the Basics?

Sometimes your existing knowledge needs to be complemented with some specialist knowledge or sometimes you just need the basics. Landell also offers the following courses to help you pursue a pathway that’s right for you:


  • Negotiate contracts;
  • Managing Government Risk and Managing Procurement Risk; and
  • Values of Government and Procurement