Procurement Process Innovation

Having efficient processes for your supply arrangements creates value for your organisation

Leveraging our extensive experience working with the public sector for over 20 years, we work with public sector entities to maximise strategic and commercial value from their supply arrangements, whether it be a new sourcing need or an existing contract about to expire.

We assist you to maximise value by:

  • Redesigning organisational structures, policies, procedures and systems
  • Implementing efficient processes across your public sector entity’s organisation
  • Supporting innovative and cost-effective sourcing activities
  • Leveraging our extensive knowledge of Government policy, protocols and risk and governance frameworks
  • Ensuring strong probity practise is integral to any process innovation

Case Studies

Streamlined supply arrangements to create and realise productivity efficiencies

Client: Major Victorian Government Agency

Landell worked with the client to streamline its goods, services and public construction supply arrangements. We led the review of the client’s organisational structures and extensive policies, procedures and systems. Our analysis resulted in effective governance frameworks and created efficiencies to reduce red tape and deliver streamlined supply arrangements that contributed to the client’s commercial objectives of realising double-digit % cost savings

Review of Procurement Processes in line with VGPB and ISO certification

Client: Victorian Statutory Authority

Landell worked with the client, reviewing its suite of policies and templates with a view to ensure full compliance with the Victorian Government Purchasing Board's revised policy framework. The requirements developed also needed to be compliant with the ISO certification. Landell worked with the client to embed new processes and procedures witch met these requirements.