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Managing Probity for Executives

Good probity practice leads to prudent and ethical outcomes and is fundamental to building your agencies standing in the community. Poor practice can lead to sub-optimal outcomes, corruption and poor perceptions of leadership.

Putting in place the right cultural and operational framework is crucial to ensure the efficient and effective application of probity. Landell’s executive briefing on establishing good probity practice right across your agency can help you and your management team to do this.


An Executive Style Briefing for Busy Professionals


Landell’s expertise in probity is used to deliver a short and tailored overview for an agency’s executive management team or middle management group. Usually delivered as an agenda item at a senior executive team meeting, Landell delivers ‘to-the-point’ advice upon the application of probity in specific areas such as procurement, grant management, stakeholder engagement and corporate governance.


The briefing is normally 1-1.5 hours and covers the following topics that are tailored to your agency’s circumstance:


  • Probity: policy and legislative framework and the management team’s obligations;
  • Elements of probity: e.g. transparency, impartiality, conflict management and value for money;
  • Typical probity risks and common mistakes
  • Case studies and tips; and
  • Integrating probity into existing frameworks, policy and practice and continuous improvement.


Advice From the Experts in Probity


Landell has been a probity advisor and auditor to all manner of agencies who are subject to different legislation, regulations and policy at Commonwealth, State and Local levels. Landell’s probity expertise ranges from the procurement of all manner of goods and services (from construction to information technology) to the administration of grants and appropriate stakeholder management to avoid conflicts.


Landell is on several probity panels including the Victorian Government State Purchase Contract for Probity Services.


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