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Landell has recently acquired Resilient Insurable Risk Management, extending our procurement service footprint to help customers maximise the value they receive from their insurance contracts.

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Landell, in partnership with the eSourcing Group, conducted research to provide valuable insight into the use of social procurement within the Victorian hospital sector. A summary of the results was recently presented at the 3rd National Health Procurement Conference in Melbourne.


A Guide to Social Procurement for the Hospital Sector was also released at the Conference and can be downloaded below.


Landell is at the forefront of social procurement innovation and thinking.  Social procurement can harness an organisation’s purchasing power to directly contribute to service delivery and policy outcomes. There are many different examples of social procurement including:

  • the appointment of social enterprises to supply goods and services;
  • the inclusion of social benefits requirements in procurement selection criteria and contracts;
  • the purchase of goods and services that promote improved working conditions for suppliers through the supply chain (e.g. “Fair Trade” goods);
  • local sourcing and employment to benefit local communities; and
  • private sector  involvement in community programs and other co-production initiatives as part of supply arrangements.


Social Procurement Toolkit

Landell worked with its partners, Social Traders and the (then) Department of Planning and Community Development, to develop the Social Procurement Toolkit for Local Government – the first of its kind in Australia.  This work inspired Landell to extend this toolkit to broaden its application to the Victorian Public Sector and will be released shortly.


The toolkits have been designed as practical guides to enable agencies to integrate social procurement into their practices and policies, as well as to aid individual practitioners who wish to improve value-for-money outcomes from procurements.


Social Procurement Guide for the Health Sector (pdf)

Presentation - Social Procurement in the Hospital Sector - National Health Procurement Conference - 23 July 2013