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Procurement Advisory

Whatever you are buying Landell can help advise or manage your procurement through the entire lifecycle.


Landell has led numerous large-scale, complex procurements involving teams with diverse skills. We partner with your team (and sometimes your external legal and probity team) to provide targeted advice, assistance, or you can fully outsource a procurement project to our team. Our discrete procurement transaction services include:


  • Project Management: We can manage your procurement project from start to finish or from stage to stage, including the engagement with the the market and your key clients and stakeholders.
  • Procurement Strategy: We can help you clearly scope what you need to procure and design the best way to approach the market to contract. Taking into account market capacity, capability your risk profile.
  • Market Documentation: We can help you prepare, draft, compile and/or review you market documentation to ensure its fitness for purpose to derive the best possible value for money (including internal compliance).
  • Evaluation Support: We can plan, execute or facilitate your evaluation process and if needed writing up the evaluation report and supporting internal approvals.
  • Contract Negotiation: We can plan and execute detail contract negotiations, best and final offers, contract variations or extensions.
  • Debriefing: Assisting you to debrief all suppliers involved in the procurement transaction.


Landell is also adept at supply policy, strategy and governance. From Category Analysis and Planning to workable policy and process development, application and training. We can help you with your strategic sourcing needs.


Landell's recent work attracted the following commendation:


"May I take this opportunity to thank Julie Cameron and you [Lexton Gebert] for your professional consultancy advice and support for this complex procurement process. It was invaluable and underpinned complete confidence by the Board in the whole tender process". 

Chief Executive Officer, Sovereigh Hills Museum Association


Landell's Commercial Advisory Services can also assist you with:


  • a business case or options analysis for your supply needs;
  • transition-in services for a new contract and supplier(s); or
  • contract review, refresh or value for money performance assessments.