Probity | Probity


Working with you to achieve fairness, integrity and value for money.

Landell has significant experience successfully managing probity at all levels of government.


 Landell offers probity services for the following situations a client may face or need:

  • Procurement event or transaction assurance, advice and audit
  • Stakeholder engagement process oversight
  • Risk review and treatment
  • Conflict of Interest management
  • Training and Briefings
  • Probity framework design and maturation for organisations
  • Coaching for execs new to Government on thier obligations and risk management


Landell is a member of the:

  • Victorian Government Professional Advisory Services (Probity) Panel
  • Tasmanian Government Probity Advisory Directory
  • Defence Panels (various) for probity services
  • Air Services Australia standing offer for probity services
  • Bureau of Meteorology MUL for Probity Advisory and Audit


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Probity Services brochure (pdf)


Early Stakeholder Engagement for Procurement and Commissioning (pdf)