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Director, Procurement

Bachelor of Arts




Samantha has over 18 years’ experience in government procurement including goods, services, construction and outsourcing arrangements. She was formerly a strategic advisor to the Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB) and a key driver of the procurement reform in Victoria. She was a major contributor to the establishment of the procurement reform framework and recently established guides to aligning with the VGPB framework and obtaining VGPB accreditation.


Samantha has worked with many Victorian government departments, VicRoads and Public Transport Victoria to establish strategic procurement frameworks that provide a methodology for an enhanced procurement function. She seeks to work with other organisations to establish and implement fit for purpose strategic procurement frameworks. Frameworks that when established and implemented effectively, can produce a host of benefits, including: obtaining better value for money through category management and sourcing; savings through streamlining processes whilst not compromising governance; and savings through having the most effective resourcing strategy fit for the procurement at hand.


P: 0410 542 397