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CloudSafe is a low cost and effective assurance service that can help project managers, project sponsors and procurement officers know if the planning and execution of cloud sourcing activities are on track for success.

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Cloud services can enable increased efficiency and organisational productivity, but just like any ICT project, Cloud is subject to the same risks and must be carefully managed and controlled. In particular, the planning and sourcing stages, which are critical given that Cloud is generally, sourced from suppliers “as-a-service”.


Based on a streamlined version of the Victorian Government Gateway process, Landell offers CloudSafe which provides a collaborative assurance review of cloud projects at critical stages (or gates), including:

  • Preparing to source (Checkpoint 1);
  • Readiness to Engage the Market (Checkpoint 2); and
  • Readiness to Contract (Checkpoint 3).


CloudSafe -  Quick and Simple Advice For a Low Fixed Fee

CloudSafe is a review service designed for any cloud project and takes less than a week. Landell’s expert practitioners will review project documentation and interview key stakeholders and provide an easy to read traffic light report on how your cloud project is progressing - but more importantly provide recommendations on how the project can rectify existing issues, mitigate commercial risks and set the project up for implementation success.


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