VGAP Professional Updates

The Victorian Government has launched a Supplier Code of Conduct that is applicable to all procurement under the Financial Management Act and the Project Development and Construction Management Act.


VGAP Professional Update No 9.pdf


The Victorian Public Sector Commission has refreshed its Gifts Benefits and Hospitality framework. Read about the important changes below:


VGAP Professional Update No 8.pdf


The Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB) has made several updates to its procurement policies.


VGAP Professional Update No 7.pdf


The Victorian Government has reased an Interim Guideline for Market-led Proposals for construction and infrstructure. Update: This guideline has now been finalised.


VGAP Professional Update No 6.pdf

Market-led Proposals Guideline.pdf


A new guide to managing conflicts has been realeased for the Victorian Public Sector. Please find the update below and also updates to your VGAP manual based on which version you have.


VGAP Professional Update No 5.pdf

COI amendment to Manual v3 incl coversheet.pdf

COI amendment to Manual v7 v8 incl coversheet.pdf




Landell has received further advice regarding protected disclosures from the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) with regards to organisations who supply to Victorian public bodies.


VGAP Professional Update No.4.pdf