VALUE - Procurement Evaluation Tool

VALUE - Procurement Evaluation Tool

Landell offers a free evaluation tool called “VALUE” to support procurements where a comparison of various supplier offerings is required. VALUE helps to automate the evaluation process and resultant value for money calculations that support interim or final evaluation reports.


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VALUE Procurement Evaluation Tool v1.1

VALUE Manual

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After developing your evaluation plan you’ve often got many variables or factors that will guide a Value For Monday (VFM) assessment of supplier responses. These factors help you to compare apples for apples such as:


  • Evaluation criteria and the accompanying scoring scale.
  • Templates for evaluators to enter their scores based on non-financial elements entailed in your specification and draft contract.
  • Pricing structure(s) to help analyse pricing data provided by suppliers.


There needs to be a way of combining and synthesising this information into a model efficiently so that you can develop a value for money comparison of all bids. This is where VALUE can help.


What Can VALUE Do?

With a basic level of configuration, VALUE can help you:


  • Store and manage most data associated with an evaluation.
  • Clearly structure, weight, communicate and apply Evaluation Criteria to an evaluation.
  • Establish, communicate and apply a standard Scoring Scale.
  • Manage scoring by multiple evaluators for multiple supplier respondents.
  • Manage scoring for non-financial elements of an evaluation during individual and team scoring cycles.
  • Manage financial analysis and risk inputs to the VFM assessment.
  • Generate Value for Money Reports such as: Supplier VFM rank, Cost Rank and Score Rank.


Need Help?

If you’d like some help on how to use VALUE, then please contact us.


Free Training Session or Webinar

Landell hosts free training sessions on how to use VALUE at their offices in Melbourne or via webinar. If you would like training, please click here.