Procuring Cloud Services - A Victorian Government Perspective

Procuring Cloud Services - A Victorian Government Perspective

Landell, DLA Piper, and Broadleaf hosted some 100 public sector staff to discuss some of the key procurement issues to help take agencies safely to the Cloud.



The Case For Cloud, Grantly Mailes

Fostering a more agile approach - Services Catalysts, Dr Steve Hodgkinson

Applying Victorian Government Policy to Cloud, Lexton Gebert

Contracting for Cloud, Tim Lyons

Managing Uncertainty - Risk Techniques, Dr Stephen Grey

Participant Sentiment on Cloud Services (complexity analysis)


Procuring Cloud services as compared to traditional in-house IT systems places more reliance on the capability, capacity, and motivation of suppliers. Procurement and contracting including the planning work that goes before these activities now becomes even more important.


Date:    Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Time:   8:45am-12:00 (lunch to be served after 12:00)

Venue: DLA Piper, Level 21, 140 William Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000




The Case For Cloud

Grantly Mailes, Director Gecko Digital, and Special Adviser to the Dept of Premier and Cabinet

(Guest Speaker)

grantly-mailes1 Fotor


The proliferation of cloud-delivered services creates tremendous opportunity for governments and the private sector alike.  However the opportunity comes with a number of important considerations for government.  Grantly will discuss the case for cloud and highlight some of the issues that governments need to address to successfully specify, procure and deliver cloud based services. 


Fostering an Agile Culture to Support Cloud

Dr Steve Hodgkinson, Director Digital Services and CIO at Department of Health and Human Services (Guest Speaker)


steve hodgkinson

Cloud services deliver "ready-to-go" solutions for relatively generic common functionality and require procurements to focus on outcomes and not just process. They provide a way by which users can quickly and better assess cost/benefit trade-offs between "what we want" and "what a solution can deliver". Steve will discuss how Cloud services enable more agile approaches to innovation through delivering small solutions fast, iterating quickly (based on user feedback) and scaled rapidly when they work.


Applying Victorian Government Policy to Cloud Services

Lexton Gebert, Managing Director Landell



Cloud services change the way best value is assessed. With the new procurement policy environment, Government practitioners need to consider new ways of assessing market capability, eliminating uncertainty whilst applying probity principles such as market fairness. Lexton will discuss the Victorian Government policy environment and provide practical insight on how best value can be achieved when procuring Cloud services.


Contracting For Cloud Services

Tim Lyons, Partner, DLA Piper Australiatim lyons


Cloud services will shift in-house responsibilities for information to suppliers.  The risks to Government in moving to the Cloud can be great. Mechanisms that manage uncertainty to protect the Government are critical in establishing a best value Cloud services agreement. 



Managing Uncertainty - Risk Techniques for Cloud Services

Dr Stephen Grey, Associate Director Broadleaf Capital International

S Grey


With the Government's duty of care for each and every citizen, how can ICT practitioners determine reasonable protections for privacy and information security breach? From individual breach events to data loss enmasse, Stephen will discuss techniques to view uncertainty so that reasonable terms with suppliers can be agreed and prevent negotiations from getting bogged down.


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