Landell Launches New Insurable Risk Management Service | News

Landell Launches New Insurable Risk Management Service

Landell has recently acquired Resilient Insurable Risk Management, and added the valuable capabilities of this business to its service offerings. Mr Ken Armstrong has joined the Landell team, bringing over forty years of insurable risk experience. This acquisition allows Landell to provide significant value to our public and private sector clients by identifying their insurance needs and delivering proven processes to obtain best value for money pricing.


The recent VAGO report into local government insurance exposures highlights the importance of independence in the analysis of insurable interests, validation of loss liability, and competitive tendering as the only way of getting the right coverage at the right price. This is what we do.

Our extensive experience allows us to provide independent advice before our clients approach the market. We review an organisation’s corporate risk register to identify its core insurable interests. Along with the client’s risk appetite, benchmarking data, market intelligence and tendering strategies, we can deliver significant additional value as well as savings, which can be in the range of 20% to 40%. 


This new service offering is highly aligned with Landell's core business of procuring value for our clients. We operate in a highly ethical manner, a critical aspect of our company’s core values.