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Agile Thinking Event Presentations

Here you can find the presentations given by speakers at the event Agile Thinking: Public Sector Perspectives.


Agile approaches to delivery are becoming more common across the public sector, and have far-reaching impacts on the way agencies are geared for collaborative and iterative change and learning. For decision-makers, project managers and practitioners, it’s important to know when Agile approaches are suitable, and the key issues to consider. 



Assessing Complexity for ICT-enabled Change Projects - Dr Stephen Grey

ICT Mojo Lost? Common Sense to the Rescue by Platform Plus Agile - Dr Steve Hodgkinson

Agile Procurement - Nick Leask

Agile Contracting - Tim Lyons


Presentation Summaries

S Grey


Assessing Complexity for ICT-enabled Change Projects

Dr Stephen Grey 

Associate Director at Broadleaf Capital International


When should you take an Agile approach to an ICT-enabled change project? Understanding which parts of a project could be subject to complexity, allows you to adopt Agile approaches where useful or know when to leverage more traditional methods. Stephen discussed the application of the Cynefin Framework to choose the most useful approach to framing, planning, developing, rolling out and evaluating the impact of a project.


steve hodgkinson

ICT Mojo Lost? Common Sense to the Rescue

Dr Steve Hodgkinson

Director Digital Services and CIO at Department of Health and Human Services (Guest Speaker)


Recently awarded State and Local Government CIO of the Year, Dr Steve Hodgkinson will discuss the benefits being reaped by DHHS from a Platform+Agile approach to application development. Steve discussed the mind-set required for public sector agencies to recover their 'ICT mojo' by bringing back common sense to the creation of applications to address complex social services use cases. The key to recovering mojo is to leverage modern ICT platforms to enable agility and unleash compounding organisational learning.


Nick Agile Event


Agile Procurement

Nicholas Leask

Principal for Information Technology at Landell


Strategic sourcing is key to enabling Agile projects to work effectively, but what are the fundamental tenets of strategic sourcing and how do procurement transactions differ based on this approach? Nick discussed the linkages between policy and enterprise architecture and key considerations when planning Agile procurements.


tim lyons


Agile Contracting

Tim Lyons

Partner, DLA Piper Australia


Agile contracting in the context of public sector procurement can give rise to additional customer risk. Careful consideration needs to be given to secure effective supply controls to ensure a successful agile implementation. Tim discussed the key differences in contracting for agile and how risk can be managed through flexible yet robust provisions.


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