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This report was commissioned by the Public Records Office Victoria (PROV) to investigate if non-compliance is systemic and what, if any patterns could be determined regarding any non-compliances observed.


This Review examined the 224 reports published by Victorian Auditor-General’s Office (VAGO) and the Victorian Ombudsman (VO) between 2010 and 2014. Records management failures were identified in over half of them. 


It is clear from this Review that:


  • There is a pattern of systemic and ongoing records management failures within Victorian Government departments and agencies
  • The records management failures hinder investigation by VAGO or OV
  • Over the five years considered, at least 54% of reports included some form of records management failure or concern. This figure reached as high as 84% in the most recent year considered (2014)
  • Almost all Departments appeared more than once over the entire period of review
  • Victorian Governments give insufficient regard to the value of information throughout its entire life. This devaluation reduces accountability, lowers public respect, increases costs and lowers productivity. 


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