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Landell's Social Statement

Landell considers Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to be a core and inseparable component of its service delivery.


Social responsibility is an organisation’s concern for managing its impact on society and the environment through its decisions and actions.  Landell through transparent and ethical behaviour:

  • contributes to sustainable development and the welfare of society;
  • considers the expectations of stakeholders and incorporates them into its service delivery;
  • ensures compliance with applicable law; and
  • contributes to continuous improvement methodology to ensure social responsibility is integrated into its business strategy.

Landell focuses upon and supports three core areas:

1. Local Impact

Landell works with other local suppliers, small/medium enterprises and social enterprises through genuine intent to help deliver value to its clients and the community we live in.  We support our local community by being involved, by working with and encouraging our employees to volunteer or be part of community programs to provide improved social outcomes for our local community.


2. Social Inclusion

Landell embraces flexibility and work-life balance as part of our culture. We care and want our employees to be fit, healthy and happy, which in turn improves work performance. As an employer of choice, we aspire to be attractive to potential employees looking for a workplace with sound ethics, positive community contribution, excellent work conditions and workplace flexibility. Landell creates employment and training opportunities for staff that enable us to retain high calibre staff. 


Landell supports a dynamic workplace, equality, acting ethically and giving everyone a fair chance. We respect everyone the same regardless of gender, race, culture or religion. With an over 40% female workforce demographic, including woman in our leadership team, Landell encourages gender equality in our workplace. We believe that diversity in the workplace supports innovative ideas and allows individuals to contribute their different skill sets to fullest capacity.


Landell values as expressed in ‘How We Work Together’ further encapsulate and demonstrate this approach.


3. Environmentally Conscious

Landell recognises the impact that businesses have on the environment, and therefore supports a progressive approach to environmental challenges. At Landell, we have taken Victoria’s Climate Change Pledge (Take-2 Member). Read Landell's Environmental Policy Statement here. Landell is continuing to reduce our own (already small) environmental impact by:

  • reducing CO2 emissions via:
    • electricity use – our electrical and lighting systems, photocopiers / MFDs are rated as energy efficient; and we use accredited GreenPower; 
    • paper use – we purchase carbon neutral paper that has been certified under the Australian Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard; (and we recycle)
    • Increasing our working-from-home capability (thereby reducing transport usage and emissions); and
    • Increasing the use of teleconferencing with clients and within our organisation (thereby reducing travel by employees and clients).
  • increasing water efficiency – we purchase appliances rated as water efficient. For example, dishwashers; taps with built-in flow restrictors in kitchen and washing up areas (including adding these to existing fittings); and
  • increasing recycling – we recycle a range of materials generated directly from our business activities and also from our office, including every day kitchen items such as aluminium cans and glass bottles as well as paper and electronic waste.


Landell’s success is shared and measured not only by financial outcomes, but we stand by social, environmental, ethical and economic improvement that impacts the wider community. 



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We’ve pledged to TAKE2 to help reach Victoria’s target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Read more about our pledge here.